Lab Team



Hanna & Trish – Aquatic Sampling 2015

I am currently looking for new students! If you are curious about research, please contact me!


Lab Alumni:

Hanna Aharonov ’16
Bio490: Intraspecific variation in pathogenic behavior in Pythium: does ploidy play a role?

Sara Lobdell ’16
Bio490: The effect of temperature on the aggressiveness of Pythium heterothallicum
Sara will be starting a graduate program in Ecological Restoration at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Good luck Sara!

Madison (Sonny) Clark-Turner ’14
Bio490: Evaluating evidence for horizontal gene transfer events in oomycetes
Sonny is pursuing his PhD in Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire.

APS 2013

Lauren & Tyler – APS 2013

Lauren Coffua ’14
Bio490: Culture and sequence based approaches to studying oomycete diversity in home gardens with a focus on Solanum lycopersicum
Lauren completed a Masters program at the University of Delaware in 2016 and is currently attending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Tyler Veterano ’14
Bio490: Morphological and molecular characterization of novel Pythium species from southeastern Pennsylvania
Tyler is studying for his DO at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Natali Naveh ’13
Bio490: Genomic and bioinformatic investigation of elongation factor 1-alpha duplication in oomycete species
Natali started her PhD research in Genetics at UConn in Fall 2013.

Amy Chabitnoy ’11
Bio490: Evaluating collection methods for assessing Oomycete diversity in Lititz Run at the Millport Conservancy
Amy graduated from the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College in 2016 and is currently completing her residency in Family Medicine at Swedish Cherry Hill in Seattle, Washington.

Nahill Matari ’11
Bio490: Comparative genomics suggests the presence of RNA interference in Oomycetes
Nahill recently finished his Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences at UMDNJ and is currently attending New York Medical College.

Lauren Cook ’10
Bio490: Survey of Oomycete species in Lititz Run at the Millport Conservancy in Lititz, Pennsylvania
Lauren graduated from the MD program at Penn State, College of Medicine in Hershey in 2014 and is staying on for her residency in Internal Medicine and Dermatology.

Andrew Staffaroni ’10
Bio490: Development of microsatellite markers for the identification of Phytophthora populations
Andrew received the Eyler Award to work at the Clinic for Special Children after graduation. He  graduated from the MD program at Georgetown University, School of Medicine in 2015 and is currently completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Pitt.


Additional Lab Assistants:

Patricia Crigler ’16 – MPH program, University of Missouri
Carolina Giraldo ’16 – applying to medical school!
Kelsey Kreyche ’15 – F&M Intervarsity intern, applying to medical school!
James Yun ’15 – City Year teaching internship, applying to medical school!
Steve Clipman ’13 – MPH (2016) and PhD programs, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Erica Goldberger ‘12 – livin’ la vida loca
Alison Griedinger ‘12 – MD program, Drexel Medical School
Calvin Shaw ‘12 – medical technician at Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Nicholas Tucciarone ‘12 – EMT, Hanover and Bethlehem Townships Volunteer Fire Co.; Nursing Program at Moravian College
Molly Mahoney ‘11 – DVM program, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
Deanna Yamasaki ‘11 – Owner, Do Trot In Tack Shop
Louise Amlie-Wolf ‘10 – Pediatric Genetic Counselor, Einstein Health
Lisa Brown ‘10 – MD program, NY Medical College
Victor Cabello ‘10 – MD program, Commonwealth Medical College
Jack Pike ‘09 – Ph.D. program in Biological Sciences, University of Delaware (2014), Post-doc at UMDNJ-RWJMS
Samantha Schneider ‘09
Ms. Monique Gomez (McCaskey High School teacher fellow, Summer 2009)
Mrs. Jessica Mountz (Lampeter-Strasburg High School teacher fellow, Summer 2012)

Mena-Blair Labs - Spring 2011

Mena-Blair Labs – Spring 2011